Who are Mammoth Mythics?

Mammoth Mythics was created when two friends from the Midlands in the UK, decided to dive head first into the mythical world of Cryptocurrency, Decentralised Finance and Non-Fungible Tokens.

Dedicated to creating innovative projects, over various blockchains, that offer the ultimate utility for gamers by combining an immersive MMORPG with Web 3.0 technology. They both share a huge passion for both these spaces and understand the
mammoth tasks that lie ahead of them. Most of the World's population is still unaware of the full potential blockchain technology has, especially when it comes to how mutable NFTs can reshape in-game economies. That's why we aim to enlighten as many with our exciting plans and give gamers true ownership through immersive gaming.

Mammoth Mythics prides itself on transparency, you can see the team below and have full access to any social links to any team member.

Mammoth Team

Meet The Founders
Jack Colclough
Founder & COO
Jake O'Connor
Founder & CEO
Founders, Jake O’Connor and Jack Colclough successfully developed and commercialised an NFT project funded by the international tech giant, Siemens Energy. Working closely with project managers, and senior engineers as leading project consultants, creating a go-to-market strategy, developing partnerships, and setting sound project groundwork before launch.

Most certainly, however, our joint, most significant accomplishment is where we have been able to take Mammoth Mythics and Agartha despite the serious challenges we have had to overcome.

Mythical Developers
Dmitri Barabanov
Arooj Fatima Khakwani
Agartha Game Project Specialist
Muskaan Saeed
Lead Game Product Developer
Mammoth Creators
Artist & Animator
Muhammad Bilal Naseem
Associate Product Creator
Tehreem Faizan
Lead Product Creator
Mammoth Creators
Dale Brosius
Community Manager
Vacant Positions
This could be you?
Social Media Manager
This could be you?
Social Media Coordinator
This could be you?
Brand Content Writer

Mammoth Mythics Limited
Registered in the UK
Company Number: 13476017