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Building the future of immersive gameplay through digital ownership

A GameFi focused interoperable ecosystem that promotes a truly sustainable metaverse
A small version of the Mammoth Mythics Mascot - we like to call him Hugh, Hugh Mungus!

Agartha Smart Contracts Now Live!

Nefty Blocks Blend for the Rank TokensNefty Blocks Blend for Original SeriesNefty Blocks Blend for the Background NFTsNefty Blocks Blend for the Original NFTs
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Only KamaStikra NFTs are eligible for this smart contract
Our Vision
Bridging the gap between blockchain technology and traditional gaming
Creating fun, immersive gaming that combines digital ownership, and genuine, sustainable earning capabilities in a transparent, easy-to-understand ecosystem

Web 3 + Real Gaming

Learn & Earn Mobile dAPP

An interactive application that educates and rewards players that immerse themselves in learning the benefits of blockchain technology within our gaming metaverse, Agartha

A sneak-peek at the Mammoth Mythics Learn & Earn Mobile dAPP
DeFi + Gamification Rewards

Combining Decentralised Finance with Gaming Rewards through unique smart contracts connected to our native Token, MYTH. Offering our players the ultimate gaming experience

The Mammoth Mythics Cryptocurrency... MYTH!
Interoperable AI Marketplace

Implementing AI technology to give players a unique experience based on their gaming habits, playing styles and guild groups, all transferrable over different blockchains

Leaderboard from Agartha.GameRewards from Agartha.Game
Agartha 3D environmentThe green grasses of the ranch area within AgarthaThe ranch within the wranglers area of Agartha

Play, Build, Own

An open-world MMORPG that enables earning capabilities through missions, mini-games, crafting & massive online battles. Our interoperable marketplace will connect players from multiple blockchains allowing them to play, trade & create with complete flexibility

Building the future with partnerships...

Follow The Journey

Q3 2021

• Founding Team Formation ✓
• Business Model Confirmed ✓

Q4 2021

• NFT Collection Launch ✓
• Staking Protocol Development ✓

Q1 2022

• MYTH Token Deployed To WAX ✓
• Staking Protocol Launched ✓

Q2 2022

• Game Team Formation ✓
• Game Development Partnership ✓

Q3 2022

• Game Development Initiated ✓
• GameFi Token Economics Partnership Initiated ✓

Q4 2022

• WAX dNFT Smart Contract Development ✓
• Agartha.Game dAPP Development ✓
• Agartha.Game Full Launch

Q1 2023

• Agartha Campaign Gameplay (Closed Alpha)
• Agartha Online MMO (Closed Alpha)
• MYTH IDO/IEX (GameFi Partnerships)

Q2 2023

• Agartha Campaign Gameplay (Open Beta)
• Agartha Exclusive Character Drop
• Agartha GameFi Staking Integration (Blockchain)

Q3 2023

• Agartha Online MMO (Open Beta)
• Agartha Campaign Gameplay (Phase One Launch)
• Agartha Exclusive Gameplay (Phase One Launch)

Q4 2023

• Coming Soon

Mammoth Academy

What is Mammoth Mythics?
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Mammoth Mythics is the umbrella company behind various web3 based decentralised projects. We are creating an ecosystem around real immersive gaming that is not only entertaining, but financially rewarding at the same time. We're pushing the boundaries of blockchain gaming with our community at the forefront of it all. Big things are coming to the blockchain!

How is every project connected?
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Mammoth Mythics is an interoperable franchise, with all its projects connected through a gaming metaverse. Our first project, the KamaStikra NFT series, is currently available on the WAX.io Blockchain. We have plans to incorporate 3 more pillars, Solana, Binance and a layer two Ethereum chain before the end of 2022 which will all be connected through Agartha & the MammothVerse.

How is KamaStikra connected to Agartha?
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KamaStikra is currently the only vehicle to access Agartha and will always be on the WAX Blockchain. As we continue to develop the first triple A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Play and Earn, NFT game we wanted to give our community the ability to experience the journey of each of the characters. Every character within the KamaStikra NFT Series has a vision, this vision leads them to the world of Agartha. You are the last hope for civilization as the world plunges into an eternal frost, a new ice age.

What's Agartha?
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Agartha will be the first interoperable Play & Earn MMORPG.Most blockchain games have yet to entice the global gaming industry from traditional gaming platforms due to a lack of immersive gameplay. Agartha will take you on a journey through five territories where you'll be led to believe you're in control of your own destiny. The game will be jam packed with missions, side quests, hidden challenges, massive multiplayer Titan competitions and even retro throwback mini games; all offering an earning mechanic as you progress through the land of Agartha. Are you ready for real blockchain gaming?

How to gain early access (whitelisting) to Agartha?
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As the KamaStikra collection is the first project connected to Agartha, you're able to gain early access to the upcoming game right now! There are three blending phases in the KamaStikra NFT Series. Each blending phase will be broken down and made available throughout 2022 as we continue to develop Agartha. Please check both Agartha & KamaStikra pages for more details.

What is the Asset NFT?
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Between now and the integration of all 4 blockchains, Mammoth Mythics will launch a collection of 3,700 Genesis NFT’s. These tokens will grant holders their share of 10% of the entirety of the brands revenue, yielding monthly. This is across all projects, on every blockchain including Play & Earn utilities and even secondary market sales… absolutely everything! This will also give holders voting rights for future projects, collaborations & innovative games. More information is coming soon. Watch this space...