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The time has come to witness the franchise of Mammoth Proportions

Welcome to our Roadmap

Some important MYTH metrics


Total Supply


Allocated to Agartha (P2E)


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ICO Launch

Mammoth Mythics Roadmap

2021 Q4

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KamaStikra Release

The packs are released and collectors can start their journey to Agartha through blending these NFTs on Nefty Blocks. KamaStikra Evolution begins.

MYTH Token Launch

Mammoth Mythics Token launches on the WAX Blockchain, this then allows KamaStikra Collectors to begin staking their NFTs to generate MYTH at MammothStake.uk

2022 Q1

2022 Q2

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Ancient Mammoth CLub

Finally, the Mammoth collection drops on the Solana Blockchain. Only 1370 high quality 3D rendered 1/1 NFTs will be in this special, utility packed collection!

KamaStikra Evolution Complete

The blending process for KamaStikra will be complete, offering the highest quality NFTs that collectors can have in the series. These NFTs will also hold utility in the play to earn game - Agartha!

2022 Q3

2022 Q3

Agartha Closed Alpha

Our highly anticipated MMORPG P2E Game will launch. This is when early adopters that have completed KamaStikra Evolution through blending, can begin to play the game. KamaStikra is the whitelisting mechanic to Agartha.

Agartha Closed Beta

Agartha will become available for more players. Players that hold a wallet that connects to either the WAX & Solana Blockchains will be able to begin play to earn. Play for free will be introduced for those that do not have a crypto wallet.

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2022 Q4