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projects that will change NFT
communities forever

We continue to add value to our community through new and innovative projects


KamaStikra is the first collection created by Mammoth Mythics. This project will lead you to Agartha through blending and expansive storylines.


MYTH Token

MYTH is the official Token for Mammoth Mythics. With a total supply of 10bn, it will be the main token used for Staking our NFTs & our Play To Earn Game - Agartha

Mammoth Stake

Collect your KamaStikra NFTs and head to Mammoth Stake to start earning MYTH every hour! The rarer your NFTs, the higher staking power you will receive.

The Asset NFT

This NFT will give community a strong hold within the Mammoth Mythics Franchise. Essentially becoming a shareholder and creating passive monthly income, forever.

Agartha: The Game

The first MMORPG Play to Earn Game across every NFT compatible Blockchain is first coming to the WAX Blockchain. Have you got what it takes to save the earth from an eternal frost?