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100,000 NFTs that are blended from stick figures to Triple A Gaming NFTs!

Perfect Wrangler - No Overlay AnimationPerfect Astronauts - Steamy AnimationPerfect Royals - Rose Tinted AnimationPerfect Gods - Cupid Animation

Packs Consist of stick figure NFTs only

KamaStikra Phase One Blending Intro
Google Drive
Use Special Blending Maps

Unpaired Blends

KamaStikra Special Arrow
With original kamastikra nfts*
+ 1 Background NFT
Google Drive
and receive perfect blends
Google Drive
use ultimate edition backgrounds

Ultimate Blends

KamaStikra Special Arrow
With original kamastikra nfts*
Google Drive
and receive perfect blends

For full breakdown of Blending phase one click here

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Blend your kamastikra collection       ·     Gain Early gaming Access To Agartha
Whitelisting to Agartha

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KamaStikra Explained
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KamaStikra Roadmap

2021 Q4

KamaStikra Release

The packs are released and collectors can start their journey to Agartha through blending these NFTs on Nefty Blocks. KamaStikra Evolution begins

Phase One - Staking Blending

KamaStikra will begin evolution! Begin blending your lower staking level NFTs for higher staking level blends, increasing your overall MYTH per hour power!

2022 Q1

2022 Q2

Phase Two - Storyline blending

KamaStikra's Storyline blending begins. Collectors will see the journey each character pairing must take to save themselves from the eternal frost. Special Storyline Packs will be released to complete this phase

Phase Three - gameplay blending

Gameplay blending will be the final installment of the KamaStikra series. Here you will be able begin blending your NFTs for the 3D characters & other gameplay NFTs within the highly anticipated Agartha play to earn game

2022 Q3

2022 Q3

KamaStikra evolution complete

The blending process for KamaStikra will be complete, offering the highest quality NFTs that collectors can have in the series. These NFTs will hold whitelisting status to Agatha in its Alpha & Beta stages. Giving collectors the earliest access possible

Agartha closed alpha

Our highly anticipated MMORPG P2E Game will launch. This is when early adopters that have completed the KamaStikra Evolution through blending, can begin to play the game

Take me to Agartha
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2022 Q3

Blend to evolve · Evolve to play
Evolve your collection to gain whitelisting to the First Cross-Chain MMORPG Play & Earn Game on the planet

Collect your packs now on nefty blocks

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