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Why Choose Mammoth Mythics?

Something we always pride ourselves on at Mammoth Mythics is full transparency and continuous, organic growth - Long term integrity over short term gains.


To become the go-to brand for multi-chain NFT Play 2 Earn gaming. Striving to create wealth for the community through revolutionary NFT games and DeFi mechanisms, bridging the gap between the real world and the digital world, presenting complete transparency throughout. 

Mammoth Mythics

Mammoth Mythics is a web3 blockchain based company dedicated to providing value to the community through utility within all Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Blockchain Gaming.

We strive to bring the entire community together by being a cross-chain business, giving back through various projects, starting with KamaStikra, which leads to the first cross-chain MMORPG Play & Earn NFT game. The entirety of which is supported by our very own MYTH token.

Mammoth Mythics Ltd. Is entirely funded by Co-Founders, Jack Colclough and Jake O’Connor as well as the Mammoth Mythics Community

“Mammoth Mythics vows to always be honest, transparent and community driven. Long term integrity over short term gains” – Jake O’Connor – Co-Founder