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NFT Staking Explained

Did you know you can start earning MYTH without having to swap WAXP on Alcor.exchange?

MYTH is the official Mammoth Mythics token that lives on the WAX Blockchain. This token can be purchased on the Alcor Exchange, but it can also be earnt each and every hour through Mammoth Stake.

By owning any KamaStikra NFTs you can be rewarded with the Mammoth Mythics NFT DeFi Programme. Every KamaStikra NFT has its own rarity. When examining your NFT on either Atomic Hub, Nefty Blocks or WAX, you will notice you have an ID number. This number will be between 1 and 500, 500 being the most common and 1 being the most rare. These are then separated into 20 staking levels, holding 25 IDs in each, for example - ID:1 to ID:25 is staking level 1, ID:76 to ID: 100 is staking level 4. The lower your ID number, the larger your MYTH per hour will be.
You can claim your MYTH every hour which will then be visible instantaneously in your WAX wallet.

Visit the Mammoth Stake Page for more information by clicking here.

How to add MYTH to your WAX Wallet

To add the MYTH token to your WAX wallet, please follow these steps below:

1. Log into your WAX wallet at Wax.io
2. Scroll down to the Tokens Category
3. Click on the "Manage" button
4. Next, click "Add Custom Token"
5. Add MYTH token information, like so:

Token Symbol: MYTH
Decimal Places: 4
Token Contract: mammothtoken
Token Name: MYTH
Token Image: QmZqe83K5vv9F1KEw46GiMLmo5EtZ4HbZdKgrmd3xNLQrV

Now you have successfully added MYTH to you WAX account and you will be able to see how much you're earning through the Mammoth Mythics NFT DeFi Programme.