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Phase One Staking

Phase one is all about leveling up your MYTH power with better KamaStikra NFTs! This article will break down this process for collectors.

Blending is finally live!
Through the different variations of blending, the KamaStikra collection will be reduced by 80-90%, leaving only the rarest of cards!
The rest will be utilised towards Agartha, creating gamified NFTs that will help you on your mythical quests to save the earth from an eternal frost.

But first.. What is Blending?

When we talk about Blending, we talk about "burning" one or more NFTs to mint a new one.
This can be a simple 1-1 blend to fix metadata issues and misprints as well as utility, with exclusive blends depending on the project, and the blends intentions.

Why do we need to blend?

The blending phases in the KamaStikra project takes you on a journey while we develop Agartha. The characters within the KamaStikra series are the characters within Agartha, so this helps players learn about their characters, why they were chosen and what lies ahead. By completing each phase you will lock early access to Agartha and be the first to obtain playable NFTs. Please remember, every single KamaStikra NFT will have utility, whether that be by offering special features, attributes, loot boxes or characters in Agartha.

Phase One - Staking Level Blending
Phase Two - Storyline Blending
Phase Three - Gameplay Blending

Staking Level Blending - Available Now
Phase one is all about getting a higher return on MYTH from staking your collection.
I know, we are really helping our early adopters to stack that MYH ready for when the coins main utility begins later this year!
The staking blends will be burning your low Staking value NFTs to provide you with a high staking value Perfect Blend.
The goal of this blending mechanic and the staking of these NFTS is to mint the MYTH token and slowly increase the tokens volume as well as giving our community access to the MYTH rank tokens, which will have sustainable utility for a long time to come.

Since 60% of the collections cards are static (No animation layer) we will begin the blending process with these.
This means that no cards with the Rose Tinted, Steamy or Cupid Animations will be eligible, these will come into blending later...

There are two ways in how you can super-blend your static cards:

Option Number 1
The Ultimate Blend
1 Ultimate Background Card + 1 of each double pairing of that specific rarity (4 NFT Blend)
For instance, Blended Heaven's Gate is a Legendary level card
So a blend of each possible double pairing is needed of Legendary Rarity to execute this blend, which is three NFTs


Option Number 2
The Unpaired Blend

No Pairing KamaStikra NFTs + 1 Blending Map (10 NFT Blend)
This is based on the characters, so a character pairing in all locations and all positions accept their own.
We will give you an example with the Wranglers (Common Characters).

Common Unpaired Blending Example

These examples have been to improve your static cards however, all these blends can be carried out with the steamy & rose tinted animations to achieve even higher staking level NFTs. The Cupid animations will not be blended as these are the top 1% cards in the series. These are incredibly rare already, yielding great staking rewards.

Next blending phase, the storyline blend will be released in Q2 2022.
We will add a new guide plus more details on the KamaStikra web page before release.

Have fun staking!