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MYTH Tokens

MYTH is the Mammoth Mythics token. Offering rewards through staking and sustainable utility.

MYTH is Mammoth Mythics very own unique token, forked from the WAX blockchain. 
There is a total supply of 10,000,000,000

You can currently purchase MYTH through Alcor.exchange or accumulate MYTH through the staking mechanism connected to the KamaStikra NFT collectible series.

NFT Staking

All KamaStikra NFTs are attached to a staking mechanism using our own native token, MYTH. The rarer the NFT, the higher the staking amount per hour. See table for a full breakdown of all NFT staking levels by clicking here

MYTH Utility Tokens

Bronze Rank Token

Required to participate in major mammoth events. 5% bonus on all splinter-mammoth tournaments (held on Splinterlands) and eligibility for low level airdrops. Access to Bronze Rank channel in Discord

Silver Rank Token

Silver – 10% bonus on all ‘splinter-mammoth’ tournaments and eligibility for mid-level airdrops. Access to Silver rank channel in Discord.

Gold Rank Token

Gold – 25% bonus on all ‘splinter-mammoth’ tournaments and eligibility for high-level airdrops. Access to Gold rank channel in Discord. 7% discount on every blend.

VIP Rank Token

VIP – 50% Bonus on all ‘splinter-mammoth’ tournaments and eligibility for all airdrops. Access to Exclusive Mammoth Lounge in Discord. 15% discount on every blend & early access on Closed Alpha.

Please note: Only Silver, Gold & VIP Rank Token qualify for KamaStikra NFT Staking Enhancement.
This is still being developed and will be updated regularly.