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Long-Term Integrity Over Short-Term Gains

NFT investors are being burnt everyday by projects that hide behind aliases and operate a rinse & repeat, all hype and no utility strategy where the community are hung out to dry every time. Mammoth Mythics is here to save you.

Have you 'aped' into a project that promised the world and delivered nothing but a few million pixels in a 2D, animal shaped jpegs that disappeared a week or two after minting?!More and more 'rug pulls' are popping up in the NFT space because projects are hidden behind aliases. They spend thousands of dollars hyping the project up, promising utility that seems too good to be true... and 9/10 it is. There is a reason why this is still prevalent in our growing industry and it is because these pirates see the money-making opportunity, yet they do not believe in the space.

Gary Vee once said, "98% of all projects will fail because they're not creating sustainable utility. "Most projects are just that, a project. Trying to find an NFT based franchise that is dedicated to the continuous growth of the entire NFT space and that has the community at the forefront of their decisions is becoming harder and harder to find. As an NFT enthusiast and investor, there are certain things you can do to ensure you do not fall in to this trap!...

Top things to look for in a project.
1. Project utility - Does the project have sustainable & achievable utility. What is going to make this project stand out against others?
2. A doxed team - Does the project have real people behind the team. Are their social media accounts known?
3. A real community - Does the project have an engaging community that actually care & understand the project?
4. Project diversity - Does the project take part in live events, do they do live AMA's where they are present on video?
5. Project growth - Does the project have links to other reputable projects?
6. Future goals - Does the project detail what they are planning to do through a detailed road map? What evidence is there that they are making these plans a reality?

Mammoth Mythics are dedicated to 'long-term integrity over short-term gains'. All of our projects have sustainable roadmaps that lead to blockchain evolution. We are constantly developing and innovating to bridge the gap between web3 and real-world utility. We are truly transparent team that organically grows their community instead of flooding hundreds of thousands of bots to their Discord and Twitter with the aim to sell as many as possible on launch and then pull the rug.

We will always be here to offer support and unlike other projects, we are easy to contact through our website, social channels & Discord. Be safe out there fellow Crypto & NFT enthusiasts. Always do your own due diligence & invest wisely.

We are currently developing the Mammoth Academy where we will break down important information about Mammoth Mythics and also the space as whole.