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KamaStikra's Last Message...

Want to understand how KamaStikra is an evolutionary collection that leads you straight to Agartha?

KamaStikra on the surface just looks like a "NSFW" KamaSutra based NFT series...
But if you were to look deeper, you'd see there's more than meets the eye.

The collection is to lead you to Agartha, a mythical land in the middle of the earth once thought to just be a conspiracy.
Every character was chosen, every character will evolve, if they are to save the human race from the eternal frost.

Through blending, you will begin to obtain special NFTs that will be needed for gameplay. Such as characters, weapons, transportation and loot boxes. This in turn will give KamaStikra collectors the ability to access the game earlier than anyone else, as Agartha Gameplay NFTs will only be launched when the game is fully developed. KamaStikra collectors will be able to access the game in development stages - closed alpha, closed beta & open beta & then 3 weeks early access before public launch of Agartha.

Please note: early access can only be obtained through blending KamaStikra NFTs.
Remember, everything Mammoth Mythics does is leading to something huge.

Watch this space...

<--- Last Salvaged Script of 2022 --->

Years ago, in the year 2022 a cataclysmic event took place which changed life for every being. Two asteroids of immense proportions collided in the Milky Way. As a result, shards of rock and smaller meteors were propelled across space. The most detrimental occurrence stemming from this tragic event was the huge dust clouds that entered into Earths atmosphere. The influx of dust, blocking out the Sun caused a global cooling that resulted in the most severe ice age to date.

Just days before the catastrophe, ten people saw a vision. A vision brought to them from somewhere deep within the Earths core. There, hidden from most other beings, lay the mythical land of Agartha. It was from this land, from the very mind of the Mammoth God, their divine ruler, that the vision came. This vivid, almost psychedelic vision was so powerful that each that experienced it knew exactly what to do in order to save themselves, and in turn the human race.

The ten people made up five couples. The first, 2 wranglers from the wild west, a pair of astronauts, returning from a failed outer space mission to disperse the clouds of dust, the third, a king and a queen, neither of whom were very pleased to receive such an order to abandon their kingdom. Fourth was a priest and a priestess; they had been waiting for a sign for most of their lives, and were quick to pack their bags and prepare for their journey. And finally, fifth, just two explorers, the most aghast of the group to receive such a vision.

Each couple received a separate vision, all depicting the wonderful land that lay beneath them along with the closest entry point through the Earths core. The Mammoth God warned that they must travel hastily and not to be accompanied by anyone who had not received the vision themselves. Immediately, each of the 5 couples began their treacherous journey. One by one, each couple reached Agartha. As the last one, the explorers, disappeared into the inner Earth, the surface was sent into complete darkness, temperatures instantaneously began to drop and the planet started its descent into an eternal frost.

On the other side of the portals, things were very different. The air shimmered and the water sparkled. The unfamiliar light shone brighter than any of the explorers had ever seen in their lives. They saw amazing sights. Many animal species in this legendary kingdom, already extinct on the surface lived healthy and vibrant. Everything is better, cleaner and especially bigger. Trees, hundreds of yards tall. Grapes as big as plums and full of flavors the explorers had ever experienced. 12 foot humanoid figures roamed the wonderful land, most who were happy to welcome the new explorers.

As all of them settled into their new, overwhelming surroundings, the question that they all asked themselves was - "What now?"

<--- End of Script --->