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KamaStikra: Explained

KamaStikra - The first NFT collectible series that evolves through blending, into the first cross-chain MMORPG play & earn game in the world.

So, what's KamaStikra?

Multi-Layered Collection - 100,000 NFTs, 500 different combinations
Collect the perfect combinations for access to Agartha

“The Perfect Mythic Cupid Card” - 1 in a 100,000 chance! You will also receive a 3700 WAX Prize for unpacking this card!

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Blending and Super blending will cut the original 100,000 NFT collection down by 80-90%

Staking Power Blending

Burn a collection of low staking level cards for a high staking, perfect pairing blended card. Increasing your MYTH yield with each blend!

Unpaired Blends - 10 NFTs to Blend
As long as there is not a double pairing present when completing the unpaired blends, the NFT will qualify for that
blend. This first phase of blending will decrease the ‘no pairing’ combination cards in the series, theoretically
leaving only double pairings and perfect pairings.

Ultimate Blends - 4 NFTs to Blend
Ultimate blends consist of less NFT’s to create the blend.
This is a selection of ‘double pairings’ within that rarity bracket.
Add the ultimate edition KamaStikra card for this blend. See Nefty Blocks blends.

This will be broken down into four separate phases, based on the animation layer - Static Cards, Rose Tinted Cards, Steamy Cards, Cupid Cards
For a full breakdown of Staking Power Blending - See this article here

Storyline Blending

This will be second stage of the KamaStikra project before we enter into Agartha. A special “Storyline Pack” will be available to purchase which will give you the ability to blend special object NFTs to create a Storyline NFT. The Storyline NFT will be a key whitelisting component for early access to the Agartha P2E Game.

Gameplay Blending

This will be the final stage of the KamaStikra project, completing the evolution to your journey to Agartha. Blending your Double Pairing & Perfect Pairing KamaStikra NFTs for playable characters, weapons & accessories within Agartha. More details to be announced in 2022 Q2. The Gameplay Blending will also be a key whitelisting component for early access to the Agartha P2E Game.

How does KamaStikra relate to Agartha?

KamaStikra is currently the only vehicle to access Agartha and will always be on the WAX Blockchain. As we continue to develop the first triple A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Play and Earn, NFT game we wanted to give our community the ability to experience the journey of each of the characters. Every character within the KamaStikra NFT Series has a vision, this vision leads them to the world of Agartha. You are the last hope for civilization as the world plunges into an eternal frost, a new ice age.

How To Obtain Early Access (Whitelisting) to Agartha through KamaStikra?

Below we break down each blend and why it's important to Agartha's progression. The more you participate in the blends, the stronger your position will be when Agartha goes to public launch, 3 weeks after early access. Here's each early access phases.

Staking Level Blends

Blending Phase One - MYTH Staking Power (Free To Play Whitelisting to agartha)
Blend your KamaStikra NFTs to increase your MYTH per hour power & obtain your myth rank tokens
MYTH Rank tokens can be required when you hold enough MYTH

Storyline Blending

These special NFTs will be required for the final phase which is gameplay blending.

Gameplay Blending

The final blend will be a super-blend, your NFTs will be blending for gamified NFTs within the Agartha Collection on WAX. Connect your WAX wallet to the game and use these NFTs to begin your journey on saving the world from the eternal frost.